P.O.L. Cream has been a lifesaver for my nine year old son. He has suffered from eczema for several years…For the last four years, we have tried at least three different prescription products (of which only one worked, but was very expensive!) and almost every over-the-counter product available. The itching has been unbearable. We applied P.O.L. Cream to the creases behind the knees and inside the elbow area in the morning and before bedtime every day. The results have been incredible! My son’s skin has improved dramatically. The places that used to have red, raised bumps are now smooth and clear. It amazes me that his skin has continued to stay clear and free from being itchy for these past several weeks…POL cream is a lifesaver!!

B.W., TX

I have experienced significant bruising and sometime bleeding from scrapes and cuts of my arms and to a lesser extent legs due to use of a needed blood thinner medication since 2006. About three years ago a friend of mine had a similar problem and recommended I try the Cooperlabs Cabot Cream that helped her skin condition. I have been using the Cabot Cream daily and it has helped me tremendously. Although I still get bruising from my blood thinner RX my skin has been softer and I have had a very significant reduction of bleeding from the thin skin. I hardly remember the last time I had to use a bandage or band aid since I started using the Cabot crème several years ago.


I searched for something to protect my fragile skin and discovered Cabot P.O.L. cream. I began applying it twice daily, and to my delight my skin felt better, less soreness and no skin issues!

Sharon W., NC

Just wanted to let you…know how much we like your cream! My wife and I both have been using it on our feet for several years, as a result our feet are as smooth and healthy as a baby’s bottom.

Robert L., CA

Your cream is the most amazing cream that I have ever used.

Rita S., CA