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Parker Montgomery

Cooperlabs and its Chairman, Parker Montgomery, continue the legacy of developing and marketing natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals used in the treatment of thin dry sensitive skin, which began in 1963 when Cooper Laboratories, Inc. – founded by Montgomery In 1958 – acquired the rights to AVEENO Colloidal Oatmeal developed by Sidney and Albert Musher; deepened with the acquisition of Cabot Labs and its pioneering Vitamin E Moisture Creams from Larry Klur 35 years ago; and solidified with Cooperlabs’ development of a hydrolyzed oat protein body wash and cleansing bar; and CABOT P.O.L. Phospholipids CREAM and CABOT P.O.L. Phospholipids Lotion which deliver a powerful complex of natural phospholipids, glycolipids and ceramides to treat, protect and renew thin dry sensitive skin.

Montgomery, a former Wall Street lawyer, investment banker and diplomat (United Nations), founded and managed two Fortune 500 companies, Cooper Laboratories, Inc. 1958 to 1983 (Aveeno and Oral B) and CooperVision, Inc. 1980 to 1988 (“the kings of cataract surgery”) the world’s largest professional eye care products company at the time of the sale of most of its product lines to Nestle and Alcon Laboratories in 1988 shortly after Montgomery had combined CooperVision with Technicon Corporation to form The Cooper Companies.