My podiatrist recommended I use P.O.L. CREAM after I had bunion surgery and it instantly made my feet look like I had a pedicure – loved it.

S.B., CA

I was burned over 43% of my body and when I use your cream my skin is like silk! I am a burn victim and I use P.O.L. to help in healing donor sites from skin grafts. Your cream really helped so very much. I had areas of skin so tight they were like leather. Now my skin is soft and smooth. P.O.L. is a Godsend.

Linda P., NY

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin from diabetes.  I have used tons of different lotions and creams but they didn’t work.  There is no comparison to other products!  Cabot P.O.L. CREAM is the best!  I love it!

Candice C., TX

Patients have used P.O.L. Cream twice a day and have noticed 50-60% improvement in the lack of built up on keratotic tissue.  These patient express compliance of the use and ease of using the tube cream.  These patients also express 50% decrease in pain secondary to keratotic built up after using the cream.

Dr. A.K., CA

As a senior citizen I have developed very sensitive skin. It seems I break out from the least little thing.  This cream is a miracle.  I break out, but as soon as I use POL is takes away all redness and any sensitivity I might have.

Susan S., NY