This does help with bruising under skin on arms…Don’t care for smell but just use another lotion with fragrance on top. Worth it.
Not even using every day after first couple weeks.

Linda, Feb. 28, 2017

Works. I was very skeptical that this cream would perform as described. Because of a genetic medical condition, I have very fragile, sensitive, itchy skin. The effects were very subtle at first but after using an entire tube, I saw a noticeable improvement in the
skin on my arms where I was using this. The texture improved, the resilience of the skin improved, and all rashes resolved. It is pricey, but I just use it and problem areas and so it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

LdyStarfyr, Apr. 16, 2017

Great for thinning skin. This is the best stuff ever invented! I was looking something for my 86-year old mother, whose skin was so
thin and fragile that it would split and bleed at the slightest touch or bump. I did some research and discovered POL. After using this for just a few days, my mother noticed a difference. I’ve been buying it for her for over a year now, and she rarely gets any splits anymore, just some red spots when her dogs jump on her. I use it, too and love it! It makes your skin feel smooth and thicker. The lotion version is oilier and has a bit of a smell that the cream doesn’t have. I usually buy it directly from Cooperlabs because they run specials, but every now and then it turns up cheaper on Amazon, so I snap it up. One tube doesn’t last more than a month so it can get pricey, but it is well worth it.

Heather K., Aug. 6, 2017

Amazing cream for thinning skin problems. We’ve used this cream for 5 or 6 years now. We first bought it for my husband’s 98 year old mother who had bed sores beginning because she was confined to her bed. This was applied to the sore on her foot and it healed up.
First thing that we applied that would heal it. Well now 6 years later we are 76 and 71 and our skin is getting really thin and are beginning to have some thin skin problems and we use this cream to keep from having sores like our poor Mom did. Buy it. It works. Use it twice a day on clean area.

Katy, Apr. 4, 2017

Five Stars. This is a wonderful cream that has really helped my thinning skin as I grow older.

STW, Jan. 25, 2017