I love this cream for my face and hands. It is healing and moisturizing and makes my skin look plump and youthful. I just gave some to my 84 year old mother and she thinks that it helps keep her skin supple and smooth.

DogMom, January 5, 2017

Repeat purchase. This stuff really works. Highly recommend for anyone with excessively dry or thin skin on their hands or forearms. Has strengthened and moisturized the skin preventing cuts developing from minor scrapes. Will continue to use.

rainbeaux, February 2, 2017

This product really works. It was recommended by my podiatrist for my very dry feet. This is my second purchase.

Verified Amazon Customer, April 2, 2017

Great moisturizer: no perfumes. Does exactly what it says it will, protects skin, treats dryness.

thomasina, February 27, 2017

I was very skeptical that this cream would perform as described. Because of a genetic medical condition, I have very fragile, sensitive, itchy skin. The effects were very subtle at first but after using an entire tube, I saw a noticeable improvement in the skin on my arms where I was using this. The texture improved, the resilience of the skin improved, and all rashes resolved. It is pricey, but I just use it and problem areas and so it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

LdyStarfyr, April 16, 2017