Cooperlabs hired a professional, independent, third-party researcher from International Research Services to evaluate the use of its proprietary lipid formula in its skin creams on both the health and appearance of skin. The results of the 16-week clinical trial matched what cosmetic scientists around the world have reported: lipid replenishment supports both skin health and the look and feel of the skin.

This article reviews the results of that study.

Clinical Trial Methodology

The trial included both men and women. They used the skin cream for a total of 12 weeks. Every four weeks their skin was observed by an expert grader of skin health and appearance. The grader also measured with instruments to track skin thickness and blood flow. The trial participants stopped using the skin cream after week 12. They returned at week 16 for final observation and analysis.

Background on the Lipid Formula

The lipid formula created by scientists at Harvard Medical School and Boston University. The formula was designed to encourage wound healing by supporting the skin’s natural healing process, specifically microvessel formation to encourage blood flow.

The lipid formula features ceramides, phospholipids and glycolipids. Tests done by the Harvard Medical School and Boston University scientists found that it did improve wound healing in patients with thin, weak, and sensitive skin. They also noted improvements in blood flow to areas treated with the lipid formula.

Cooperlabs acquired this proprietary lipid formula.

Observations from the Clinical Trial

Both the expert grader and the trial participants reported their observations of the treated skin. Here is what they reported.

Trial Participants

Participants noted:

  • Improved smoothness
  • The skin became firmer
  • Skin tone and color improved

The participants also said they felt as though their skin had a more youthful appearance.

Expert Grader

The expert grader’s report stated:

  • “statistically significant improvement in Overall Appearance of the skin.”
  • Improved firmness
  • Greater elasticity
  • A more youthful look

Instrument Measurements

Instruments were specifically used to measure blood flow and skin thickness. The expert grader’s report included the following summary of the measurements.

  • Increase[d] hemoglobin (improve blood flow) after four, eight and twelve weeks of use
  • Dermal thickness improved after 8 weeks of use
  • Ultrasound images showed greater thickness in the treated skin at week 16, four weeks after trial participants stopped using the skin cream


The lipid formula in the skin cream encourages the skin’s natural healing. This improves blood flow with results that include thicker, healthier skin, greater elasticity and better skin tone. The trial participants themselves felt the skin had a more youthful look.

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