Relieve Discomfort of
Dermatitis and Eczema

P.O.L. Cream is formulated to deliver the proven benefits of Phospholipids -powerful natural antioxidants and the chief moisturizing agent in the skin which penetrate the skin to provide long acting moisturizing and protection – to provide symptomatic relief of the discomfort , i.e. itching, redness and flaking associated with very dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis and dermatitis. Phospholipids are the prime building blocks of all life forms – and thus Phospholipids are indispensable to all forms of life and healthy skin: assembling and strengthening skin cell membranes, stimulating microcirculation and accelerating the natural healing of superficial and serious traumatized skin.

P.O.L. Cream is effective at relieving the discomfort often caused by the extreme dryness associated with psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis and dermatitis. The super-moisturizing formula of P.O.L. CREAM is highly effective to hydrate and rejuvenate skin to keep it healthy. Scratching just makes it worse.

P.O.L. Cream also delivers two other natural lipids, glycolipids and ceramides and contains  the antioxidant vitamins A and E to protect and promote skin repair. Healing and soothing Allantoin helps maintain skin health. Hyaluronic Acid attracts and retains moisture, while Dimethicone and Glycerin protect, condition, and hydrate skin.

P.O.L. Cream is steroid-free and antihistamine-free, so you can use it as often as needed. Can be used without a prescription or a doctor’s order. Non-greasy formula will not stain clothing or bedding.

Recent studies suggest that regular/daily use of CABOT® P.O.L® Phospholipids Cream, which incorporates Cooplerlabs’ proprietary, patent-pending complex of phospholipids, glycolipids, and ceramides, rebuilds skin tissue and may prevent or even reverse many problems associated with thin, dry, aging skin. …


Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is usually associated with dry skin. Itching, inflammation and rashes are all associated with this chronic skin disorder. The skin becomes irritated by allergens, overdrying, or environmental changes. A doctor should always diagnose eczema. Once it is diagnosed you can treat most flare-ups at home. Oat protein is especially soothing to irritated upset skin and Cabot Oat Protein products with hydrolyzed oat protein are good to keep on hand as part of your eczema management program. Dermatologist recommended, Cabot Oat Protein products are safe for children, adults and the elderly.

  • Limit bathing. Daily bathing isn’t necessary. Spongebathe the areas of the body that need it most.
  • When you do bathe in the tub make it quick.
  • For those who prefer to shower use Cabot Oat Protein Body Wash, also helps reduce irritation and razor burn use when you shave.
  • Cabot Oat Protein Body Wash and Cabot Oat Protein Cleansing Bar are both mild cleansers. The oat protein they contain is a skin soothing plus.
  • Bathe or shower in warm water. Hot water can over dry the skin.
  • Choose products that are fragrance-free. Fragrances can trigger eczema flare-ups.
  • To help skin hold moisture, apply Cabot P.O.L. Cream right after bathing while skin is still damp.
  • Get in the habit of moisturizing the entire body and not just the parts of the body that are affected with eczema.
  • Cool compresses can soothe itchy areas.