I had ordered your special with Musk Oil and a free tube of the POL cream.

Recently I had been using the Efudex cream chemotherapy treatment on my face. It was painful and I developed a reaction to it.

I applied your POL cream daily as I needed it and it was such a blessing to have! It helped with keeping my skin moisturized and that

in turn helped keep the pain away. It was wonderful and my skin is now so smooth and soft.THANK YOU !!

A long time customer and user of Musk Oil, once again I have found a great Product through your company!

D Stulz

Thank you so much for your P.O.L. cream. It has made a big difference for my mom and her quality of skin health.

We appreciate you very much. I would be happy to be give any feed back you might need on your product. It is a positive and wonderful product.

R Martin

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin from diabetes.  I have used tons of different lotions and creams but they didn’t work.  There is no comparison to other products!  Cabot P.O.L. CREAM is the best!  I love it!

Cadice C., Tembell, TX

I have been using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin and skin irritation.  P.O.L. relieves pain and itching faster than any other product.  I like P.O.L. because it gives me relief when I need it.

Muriel E., Lynwood, CA