Dear Cooper Labs,

I am a 65 year old woman who owns her own Real Estate business. I am also very active and play golf a great deal.

I have had chronic asthma since my freshman year of college and for 25 years was on predisone (steroids) for prevention of severe attacks. Because of the steroids, my skin got thin as paper and for the last 25 years if I even bumped into the fabric corner of our couch, my skin would just rip open, rips as much as 4 inches across. I have white scars all over my legs as a result of the many tears on my legs. I tried everything and when my Dr. suggested the bulky shin coverings that mature people in nursing homes wore, I said absolutely not.  I came across your product CABOT POL cream and my goodness, in just a week of using on my lower legs I have elasticity in my skin again. I can bump into furniture without the fear of my skin ripping. I cannot believe what your product has done for me. Just the smallest of luxuries like taking a bath without hanging a damaged leg over the side as it was healing is not longer an issue. Your CABOT POL lotion has done what no other lotion could do and I hope this true and freely offered testimony will lead other people to this wonderful product!

Kindest Personal Regards,