Great for thinning skin. This is the best stuff ever invented! I was looking something for my 86-year old mother, whose skin was so
thin and fragile that it would split and bleed at the slightest touch or bump. I did some research and discovered POL. After using this for just a few days, my mother noticed a difference. I’ve been buying it for her for over a year now, and she rarely gets any splits anymore, just some red spots when her dogs jump on her. I use it, too and love it! It makes your skin feel smooth and thicker. The lotion version is oilier and has a bit of a smell that the cream doesn’t have. I usually buy it directly from Cooperlabs because they run specials, but every now and then it turns up cheaper on Amazon, so I snap it up. One tube doesn’t last more than a month so it can get pricey, but it is well worth it.