Thank you for recommending P.O.L. CREAM.  As a senior citizen I have developed very sensitive skin. It seems I break out from the least little thing.  This cream is a miracle.  I break out, but as soon as I use P.O.L. is takes away all redness and any sensitivity I might have.

Susan S., Rockland County, NY

Mother is using the P.O.L. CREAM on a skin tear on her leg twice daily and the skin has IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY!!!! Mind, betamethasone was used on the leg prior to P.O.L. BUT there was not a true improvement until I began applying the P.O.L. in lieu of the steroid cream. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. Mother has had this horranging, cellulitis-looking leg, and ANY SCRATCH, BUMP, ETC. CAN BE A DEATH SENTENCE. Not even slight exaggeration in this statement. Mother is 92 and has had 2 fem-pops on this leg and is a vascular nightmare, to a point. You may be my new best friend. The Miracle Maker.

V. G., Mineola, NY

My mother suffered from diabetes for more than 30 years. The skin on her legs was like tree bark, itchy and dry, very uncomfortable for her. We consulted many doctors looking for some relief and were always told that this is a symptom of diabetes, that her circulation was bad, and about the only treatment is compression stockings, steroid salve, and perhaps Vaseline® right after a bath while the skin was still wet, and then wrapping in gauze. We tried all of these treatments and nothing really seemed to help. We were introduced to P.O.L. and my mother started using it religiously. The skin on her legs not only healed, it was soft and itch-free within a few weeks. Her skin had not looked like this for years. My mother had beautiful legs and she was very proud of them and loved to show them off, and at 86 years old her legs were beautiful again. I only wish we knew about P.O.L. sooner so mom wouldn’t have had to suffer for years with the terrible itching and dryness and distress that it caused. Thank you, P.O.L. I hope the word gets out so everyone can find relief like my mom did. I tell everyone I know.

I.G., Lakewood, CO

I no longer get the chapping and painful, bleeding finger tips. I work for the Post Office. Handlilng the mail all day dries my hands out so badly hat the tips of my fingers eventually crack and bleed. Since I have been using P.O.L. Cream my hands are smooth. This is an amazing product. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jane, Ventura, CA

My Podiatrist recommended I use P.O.L. Cream after I had bunion surgery and it instantly made my feed look like I had a pedicure – loved it.

S.B., Irvine, CA