My husband was bedridden after a stroke.  Everything was tried – everything possible for bed sores.  He was a big man.  He had a special mattress.  He was in bed for five years after the stroke – in bed and in a wheelchair.  I purchased P.O.L. and it helped tremendously.  He died with no bed sores.  It was miraculous in what it did for my husband – it relieved the pain.

A.W., North Carolina

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin from diabetes.  I have used tons of different lotions and creams but they didn’t work.  There is no comparison to other products!  Cabot P.O.L. CREAM is the best!  I love it!

Cadice C., Tembell, TX

I have been using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin and skin irritation.  P.O.L. relieves pain and itching faster than any other product.  I like P.O.L. because it gives me relief when I need it.

Muriel E., Lynwood, CA

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for foot roughness and bedsores.  It works great.  Best I ever used.

George E., West Plains, MO

My podiatrist recommended I use P.O.L. CREAM after I had bunion surgery and it instantly made my feet look like I had a pedicure – loved it.

S.B., Irvine, CA